Wednesday 25th June 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Marilyn Manson – ‘The Last Tour on Earth’

9km 37:31 (Bushey 10km, session 4)

After yesterday’s pre-dawn road mission I thought it might be nice to run a single track dirt and gravel loop on the field at the top of my street – 350m from my door to the trailhead and then a 1.5km loop with one side of the field going uphill and the other coming back down. It makes for a nice effort – not too flat and easy but not really tough and definitely not technical as trails go!

Gabs came to stay last night and we went for dinner at Wagamama as a celebration of my finishing 10th at the Forest Five Miler on Wednesday and also to celebrate the fact she has secured a bit more work. It was a really nice evening spent eating, chatting and drinking Japanese lager and today we both had a rare lie-in which meant staying in bed snoozing until 0900hrs. We were meant to wake an hour before that to take an accurate resting heart rate measurement for Gabs but we were so tired we wondered why the alarm was going off at 0800 and so just ignored it! Eventually we did wake up and spent the morning and afternoon pottering around, doing some food shopping, cooking, eating and just generally relaxing and not doing much. She has now headed back home to do some work and once she was on her way that’s when I decided to move up a gear, get out for a run and then head to the Post Office to send out my first tranche of sponsorship request letters for the Marathon des Sables next year!

So, on to the run! There’s not much to report from the trail today really, I kept a steady pace in the heat and picked it up for the final kilometre which was road based. My legs felt great too which I’m a little surprised about considering my efforts on the road yesterday! I ran with music again today which I don’t normally tend to do and something I won’t make a habit of but I do find I sometimes enjoy the run more with it rather than without – today I think that was the case, I think I needed to distract my mind from thinking too much about yesterday’s run and so allow me to just run how I really felt today and not how I thought I might feel instead! I’m glad to say that it worked out!

Finally, I’ve made a discovery over the past few weeks on the run; I reckon I need to invest in a handheld bottle holder. When I run with my pack I often find instead of using the chest holster I’ll just hold onto the bottle for some reason and this can lead to uncomfortable sensations in both hands as I constantly swap them around. A handheld on runs without my pack would allow me to relax my hands as I usually would and, on some runs if I needed to bring anything extra I could opt for my waist pouch (which has no water holster) instead of the full pack. Anyway, just an observation I thought I’d share and, with that, I’m away to select and purchase aforementioned bottle holder!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Peace Out x


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