Tuesday 24th June 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

5km 19:22 (Bushey 10km, session 3a)

two minute break

13.35km 59:01  (Bushey 10km, session 3b)

I woke up at 0900hrs on Monday and by 0330hrs on Tuesday I was still awake! I had completed a Late shift at work, got home around 2300hrs, had a beer and then tried to get my head down for sleep as per usual. The hours passed by without a wink of sleep and eventually I decided to give up on trying to sleep and to occupy my mind doing something else!

I tried having a green tea and considered a shower. Something happened when I entered the bathroom with my towel though – I thought to myself maybe I should go for a short run to tire myself a little more and with that off I went to pull on my shorts, compression socks and running shirt. I stepped out of my front door and began running at 0353hrs with the knowledge that sunrise would be at 0443hrs – I had a vague plan in my head to run until just after sunrise, return home, eat something and then go to sleep! Considering how bleary eyed and heavy headed I felt I soon fell into a comfortable and fairly quick cadence which gradually increased as the cobwebs blew away! I began running my usual route and found it to be a quite surreal and magical experience – it was dark, the orange of the street lamps were creating an eerie light in the thick mist and fog and I was running alone with no vehicles to see or hear and certainly no pedestrians to negotiate my way around. I became vaguely aware that I was running quite quickly around the 3.5 klick mark and decided to push on for an unexpected 5km PR – alas, this didn’t materialise but it did make me feel alive as I changed my direction from home to another lap of a neighbourhood to see if I could take down the numbers a little!

I was pretty shattered after the effort and decided to stop for a short rest, take on some water and decide whether to run back towards home and finish off the morning with another 5 or 6 klicks or whether to run a little further and maybe cover another ten. Well, I couldn’t really decide so I decided to let the road rise to meet me and take to take me where it would! I was enjoying every minute of the run and continued to do so for the next 59 minutes. It was great to run along and not have to worry about busy traffic intersections, junctions and traffic lights – there was nobody around at all. I ran along at a steady average of 4:25 for the rest of the run and not once did I feel tired or that my legs were unable to respond to extra bursts of speed when I felt I needed them, from the first 5km session and quickly into my 13.35km session I realised this would be one of those runs I’d remember fondly for quite some time. It was just me, the fog and the steady tapping of my feet against the tarmac. In fact, the only time I saw other people was when I made a rare run through the centre of my local town – there were students and party-goers still ambling/stumbling around in a state of dazed confusion and I can only imagine what they must have thought as some bearded guy in long white socks, short shorts and a bright orange shirt ran past with a big grin on his face!

By the time I got to the end of the run, stopped, stretched and taken my shoes off for the short walk to my front door I felt absolutely relaxed, more relaxed than I have felt in a long time. The run really felt like it had lifted a weight from my shoulders and I headed into my house at 0515hrs to have a cup of green tea, some quinoa porridge and a well earned deep, six hour sleep! Since waking up at 1230hrs I’ve been feeling really happy and comfortable to just exist today on my day off – I’ve been in no real rush to accomplish much at all and put no pressure on myself whatsoever and it feels good!

I hope Tuesday is treating you well dear reader! Until the next time I shall bid you adieu 🙂

Peace & Blessings


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