Sunday 22nd June 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Deftones – ‘Adrenaline’

13.38km 59:23 (Bushey 10km, session 2)

It was real hot this morning when I set off for the run but immediately I felt better than I did yesterday! I wasn’t exactly floating along and my legs were heavy still but I was more determined and felt happie.

My intention was to run laps of the field at the top of my road with 350m from my door to the trailhead for a warm-up and then the same for a warm down. I was going to run 10km but I noticed that when I rounded towards the exit of the field my Garmin showed 10.5km so I carried on for another lap which put me at 11.5km, I kept on for one more lap and got to 12.5km and then extended my route home to reach my final distance of 13.38km.

I’m happy that I kept a nice steady average pace of about 4:28 per km as the trail was pretty overgrown so I had to bulldoze through some tall grass in some sections. Also, I did stop stock still at 9km to take a run selfie for Instagram because I was just out having a bit of fun and not hammering it as I might usually like to! One thing is now abundantly clear though – my hill and sand session in Cornwall/Devon have tightened up my legs and I’ll be aiming to visit my physio for a massage when I get paid next week – I’m hoping she will be able to fit me in on Wednesday morning so I can relax for the rest of the day and work on some Marathon des Sables planning stuff in the garden!

Tomorrow, as the legs are a bit sore I’ll be working on my upper body and core strength before work and staying off the trail and road…I might even partake in an early morning foam roller session…maybe!

Peace Out x

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