Saturday 21st June 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Adam Beyer’s Drumcode Radio Live – ‘DCR202 – Adam Beyer @ Cafe D’Anvers’

8.25km 35:13 (Bushey 10km, session 1)

Today was my first road run in over a week! I had two days rest after the Forest Five Mile trail race on Wednesday evening (still awaiting results) and prior to that I’d been running in Cornwall and Devon on beaches, dunes, trails and a few short sections of tarmac.

As soon as one foot went in front of the other this morning I knew I would be taking it much easier that (a) I would have liked and (b) I was expecting! My legs would not turn over at their usual rate which leads me to believe my off-road trail efforts may have tensed them up a little – a trip to my physio for a sports massage is on the cards when pay day comes around! After the initial discomfort and unresponsiveness I settled into a nice, steady rhythm and started to run with a smile – it’s been a week since I’ve ran in my local area and although the scenery is pretty much non-existent some sections still bring a smile to my face for the different challenges they pose on the run.

So, an unspectacular return to training after two days off! Tonight when I get home from work I’ll get the foam roller on my thighs, glutes and calves and see how it pans out when I wake up. The plan for tomorrow’s pre-run work is to hit the field at the top of my street where I did my first run back in 2011 – it’s about a mile around the perimeter so I’m going to head out for ten to twelve klicks alternating each kilometre between tempo and easy pace – I used to do this a lot when I first started out as it was close to home and I knew that if I got tired, injured or just overdid it too much I could limp home quickly. Tomorrow I’ll be hitting it just for old time’s sake and it should be fun!

That’s it for today’s instalment dear reader, I hope the weekend trails and roads are treating thee well!

Peace Out x

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