Saturday 14th June 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

6.77km 31:09 (Forest Five, session 13a)

30 second rest

3.27km 17:58 (Forest Five, session 13b)

Today has been a great day on the run. Gabs and I drove down to Saunton Sands beach from Woolacombe in North Devon and ran the 5km from one end to the other, we then turned it around and ran back. Afterwards we took a walk down to the sea to bathe our legs into the receding waters of the Atlantic ocean. Running the 5km out was great, the sand was fairly hard packed with only a few sections with noticeable sinking – it was a bit of a challenge to find the good going but I’ve read that that is how it will be in the southern Sahara so I best get used to it!

The 5km run back down Saunton Sands was into a very strong headwind, my 30 second rest came at this point after I did my usual loop back to see how Gabrielle was getting on a few hundred metres back – she had decided to walk instead of run at this point so I just checked all was in order before she told me to a get on with the running game! Sometimes we’ll run together, shoulder to shoulder and at others I’ll set off at just under my best pace and loop back to say ‘Hi’ every 500m to 1km.

I decided after our headwind experience and Gabrielle’s walking session that it probably would be best to leave out the dunes for today and so we set off back to her sister’s house in Woolacombe. We showered, had some lunch and then hit the beach for a few hours. We discussed plans for tomorrow after watching some decent sized waves rolling in and it looks like Gabs will get to indulge her passion for surfing tomorrow and will be teaching me how it’s done – I’m really excited about it as I’ve always wanted to give it a go, the freedom of it really appeals to me and I’d like to see if I can add it to my repertoire of adventurous activities!

Before that though, I’m off out for a pretty hefty downhill trail run to Woolacombe beach – I plan to run to the furthest headland about 2km down the beach and then run the length of the beach through the dunes that follow parallel. After this gruelling session in the dunes I’ll follow the trail back uphill to Gabrielle’s sister’s house, shower, eat and then get ready to surf – not before Gabrielle’s sister has returned from her very first sky dive though!

Peace Out x

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