Friday 13th June 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

3.01km 13:01 (Forest Five, session 12a) (1km road, 1.5km coastal path trail, 500m beach run)

two minute rest

7.15km 32:13 (Forest Five, session 12b) (3.5km beach run followed by road)

*This post was written on 14th June*

I was slightly worried about going for a run on Friday 13th but it turns out my worries were unfounded!

My first ever run on a coastal path and my first ever run on sand and it went very well I think. The sun was shining, there was a very light sea breeze and there were no clouds in the sky. Originally I set off thinking I’d be heading for a run on road and a tarmac coastal path – the road section leading to the beach was very short and then all of a sudden I found myself on a rocky, crumbling coastal trail path in my Mizuno Wave Hitogami road racing shoes. At first I thought the curse of Friday 13th might take it’s toll on this section but, in all honesty, it was a pretty comfortable ride and I only felt a few of the larger rocks impacting. As I descended the trail onto the beach I was confident that the Mizuno would hold up and that it would be fun!

My confidence, it seems, was not misplaced and although the going was quite tough in some spots I managed to keep up a fairly decent pace as I crossed various different types of sand – some of it was soft, dry and moved a lot underfoot. Other sections had damp sand that I sank into quite significantly and yet other sections had hard packed immovable sand with small rocks and pebbles underfoot. On the harder packed sections I managed to push my legs to turnover a little quicker and I was very pleased when they responded positively! As I reached the beach head I had to scramble over some rocks and pool before beginning to ascended some well paved, very steep stairs onto a tarmac path that led back into the town of Padstow where I was based with Gabs for the day – I ran two loops of the town taking in three steep climbs at the start of each loop and three quad crushing descents at the end. It was great to get out onto such varied terrain and to run so many hills, even greater because my legs felt great the whole way and responded when I wanted to surge uphill and when I wanted to increase the pace on the flatter sections!

Tomorrow I’m off to Woolacombe in Devon to run Saunton Sands with Gabrielle – it’s 4km from one end to the other so we’re going to do an out and back followed by about half an hour to an hour of intervals in the sand dunes. I’m looking forward to testing out my Salomon Sense Ultra on the sand!

I hope the weekend treats you well dear reader! Happy trails 🙂

Peace & Blessings x

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