Wednesday June 11th 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

5km 19:09 (Forest Five, session 11a)

2 minute rest

5.5km 24.05 (Forest Five, session 11b, easy pace)

1 minute rest/stretch

300m 1:43 (Forest Five, session 11c, warm down)

Last night I got home from my Late shift at 2300hrs and this morning I had to be up at 0530hrs to head in for an Early shift! All I could think about today was getting out and heading to Gabrielle’s so we could make a move for the beautiful south western corner of England.

Thankfully, by the time I arrived at Gabrielle’s later in the afternoon she had decided we would be leaving on the ‘morrow’s morn which therefore freed me up for a run! I was wondering if today and tomorrow might end up as rest days because of the trip but I was gladdened to find I could take my Salomon Sense Ultra out for their first real test run. I had secretly been hoping their first test run would be on the trail as opposed to the beach or sand dunes that are set to be run over the next few days!

I went out onto the trail with no fixed distance in mind and, about 17 minutes later I realised that although the run had felt difficult to this point I might somehow be heading for a sub-19 5km for the first time since last year! Alas, the high I got from that didn’t last too long and I really had to hammer it to keep my pace up – I’m glad I did too because I ended up running 19:09 and improving on my Year’s Best by 3 seconds! The sub-19 is getting closer and this is a good indication for the Frankfurt Marathon in October, all I have to do is maintain my consistent approach and listen to my body! My previous was on May 10th, on the road, with my housemate as pacer and in a driving hail storm!

Afterwards I had a short two minute break, took on some water and then headed home at an easy pace. On arrival, 24 minutes later, I took on another load of water and then took a slow warm down lap of the field next Gabrielle’s house. Shortly after it was time for a shower, an Anzac biscuit or two and then an unexpected interview with my local newspaper who should be running (pun totally unintended) a story about my Marathon des Sables odyssey on Friday! Expect to see a copy of this on the blog at some point over the weekend if I can get hold of one while I’m away in Cornwall and Devon.

Anyway, a short post today I know but I’m feeling pretty tired – it’s been a long day on the front line of mental health service provision, with running, traveling and my MdS research and writing!

Until the next time dear reader, I bid thee adieu!

Happy trails 🙂

Peace & Blessings x

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