Tuesday 10th June 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

8km 32:48 (Forest Five, session 10)

It was certainly an ‘up and at ’em’ kind of morning when I woke up…that is, after I’d checked my resting heart rate!

I pulled on my shorts, singlet and shoes in record time and grabbed my sunglasses and run hat before downing a 500ml bottle of cold water. The weather outside was already hot and by the time I started running at 0950hrs there was not a cloud in the sky nor a breeze to be felt! By the end of my run I was wished I’d taken a 500ml soft flask along – my hydration game, it seems, has been well off since the weekend!

I could certainly feel yesterday’s hilly run in my legs and for quite a bit of the run I felt like I was struggling to keep my legs turning over at a decent pace. However, unlike yesterday I didn’t have an uncomfortable burning feeling on the top of my head thanks to the hat – a lesson learned, accepted and embraced it seems! If it’s blazing sunshine then I need to have my head covered…and some might argue I need to start using sunscreen if the prevailing conditions happen to be sunshine and heat. But after running with it smothered on in Australia I must say I’m not enamoured with the idea – it ran into my eyes a lot and I could barely see during some sections of my runs! I’ll stick with the hat for now and review sunscreening in the future…as you will see from the picture below, my legs need to catch all the rays they can get!

Legs from the morgue!

One of my Marathon des Sables media/sponsorship promo shots!

Anyway, back to the run! Although my legs didn’t feel great I’m pleased to report I was quick enough to run through the 5km point in under 20 minutes (19:51) – not bad when you factor in the heat too. Also, during the 6th kilometre I was faced with a killer steep hill that runs for about 200m – I managed to keep my pace up to respectable 4:21 and to keep on keeping on!

On returning home I had a cold shower because it was feeling like an oven outside and even hotter inside! After this I made my first attempt to make some Anzac biscuits for our road trip to Devon and Cornwall on the ‘morrow – I must say I’m very impressed with the outcome! They’re extremely quick and easy to prepare and bake but I’m no baker at all, I avoid it at all costs usually but, as I’m basically addicted to Anzacs I thought it about time I had a shot at making them myself. They are, quite frankly, the greatest post-run snack in the universe and without doubt the best accompaniment to coffee that I’ve discoveredin my 30 years on planet Earth!

With that dear reader I shall bid you adieu! I hope you’re all enjoying your running 🙂

Peace Out x

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