Sunday 8th June 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

5.12km 30:51 (Forest Five Session 8a)

Two minute rest

0.97km 10:00 (Forest Five Session 8b, Power Hike/Warm Down)

*This post was written on 9th June*

Gabs and I had a great weekend socialising and hanging out with friends but we may have hit the alcohol a little hard on Friday! This meant Saturday was spent in a state of dehydration, unending hunger (regardless of how much we actually managed to eat) and tiredness – both of us carried a headache for the vast majority of the day and we only managed to shake them around 1900hrs. So, obviously, neither of us were in a fit state to run even a 100m which I think we were both a little disappointed about because the weather was glorious! I was particularly disappointed too as we missed the chance, not only to run the Forest Five Miler route, but to break in my new Salomon Sense Ultra on the route!

But, to reiterate – we had a fantastic Friday and a super Saturday drinking, laughing and joking with friends! A birthday party on Friday evening (too much ale + 80% proof rum shots = *shudder*), a BBQ during Saturday afternoon (meat + carbs + water + sunshine = recovery) and then on Saturday evening another birthday party (one beer + carbs + meat + water = smiles). It was nice to have a weekend, and a bit of time, that was not totally geared to the idea I had to run! However, with a race schedule to think about and a new pair of trail shoes to break in Sunday had to be run day no matter what – especially since I hadn’t managed a run since Wednesday’s 10km effort before work!

Gabs and I reluctantly, it must be said, laced up for a planned 6km trail effort. As you will see from the time logged – my head just was not in the run! Combine my head not being in the game and Gabrielle’s legs feeling heavy on the trail and we ended up doing a fair bit of power hiking over the route which isn’t such a bad thing – in the long term I’m going to have to start mixing it in to my runs in preparation for the Marathon des Sables but over 6km it just felt unnecessary and quite odd! I can’t remember the last time I walked on a run, there was a definite sense of dehydration and a lack of energy as we went out pretty much straight after waking up without a sip of water or a morsel of food which, in hindsight and considering the two days prior to our run, was a bit of dumb move! It matters not though because although the run was by no means perfect in terms of speed, pace or distance we had fun – we laughed, we joked around on the trail and generally enjoyed being outdoors surrounded by blossoming flowers, green fields and the green hues of summer.

All in all then, a great weekend, one filled with joy and laughter and you can’t really ask for much more than that in our turbulent world! I hope, dear reader, that you also had a wonderful weekend whatever you got up to.

Peace & Blessings 🙂

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