Monday 9th June 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Systematic Sessions Podcast – ‘#255 mixed by And.Id’

16.5km 1:14:50 (Forest Five, session 9)

After yesterday’s less than successful trail run (it was fun, but not too productive on the training front) I decided to hit the roads this morning. I had no fixed distance in mind – all I knew is I wanted to try a new route, a route that has a pretty steep 1.5km hill very close to the start (2km in). I tapped out the hill at between 4:40 and 4:50 pace which made the rest of the run quite a tough effort but with that said my legs felt strong! Every subsequent hill I came across for the rest of the route I ran as hard as I could and to make things that little bit tougher I also found a quad crushing descent between 6.5 and 8km which I ran in a controlled manner instead of freewheeling as I might have liked to do.

The weather today also added to the difficulty – it was (and, at the time of writing, still is) hot and humid with a lot of cloud build up. Just before I left the house the weather reports were warning of an approaching thunderstorm but it has still yet to materialise. There were some points along the way where a drop of rain and some pressure relieving thunder would have been most welcome – I began to get a headache around 11km and so turned off my music and took on as much water as I could without slowing but from 11.5 to 13km I really felt like I was going to blow the run!

I’m really pleased that at this point, out of the blue, I began to say a mantra I’ve never used before, over and over until the feelings of discomfort and leaden legs passed – ‘Tap it out, Tap it out, Tap it out’. It really helped me because the faster I chanted it the more I seemed to lift my head and pick up my pace! I think it’s fair to say that today I have definitely outrun the remnants of my heavy weekend and I’m looking forward to the rest of this week’s training – particularly because I’m off to run some seaside trails, beaches and sand dunes down in Devon and Cornwall with Gabrielle. I’m hoping to get in a half-marathon distance trail run at some point and I’m quite excited about the prospect of dune running – it’ll give me a small idea of what I’m getting myself into when April and MdS finally arrives!

On that positive note I’m going to sign off for today and go and forge ahead with my rather lengthy ‘To Do’ list!

Happy Monday dear reader, may the week treat thee well!

Peace & Blessings x

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