Thursday 5th June 2014

Workout Soundtrack – 

12 x 50m (untimed)

I wouldn’t exactly call today’s ‘workout’ as such. The reason being that I was actually the subject of a photoshoot with my friend and housemate whose profession, funnily enough, is that of photographer!

I met him at our local trailhead as he returned from a day at work and we went out on the trails for an hour taking some full length, half length, motion and head shots to use in my Marathon des Sables promotional pack. The pictures taken today will appear here on the blog either tomorrow or at some point over the weekend and I will distribute them to potential sponsors and media outlets in the very near future!

Today’s workout, therefore, consisted of about 12 50m sprints and half sprints so my friend could get some decent ‘in-motion’ shots…I hope they come out alright as I found getting my form correct over such a short distance a real challenge!

It’s exciting stuff putting myself out there like this, I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

That’s it for today dear reader. Tomorrow will see my first dedicated weekly MdS post – it’s scheduled to publish at 2000hrs BST. I hope you enjoy the read!

Peace & Blessings



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