30ème Sultan Marathon des Sables - Journey to the Sahara, 2015

Weekly Posts: 30ème Sultan Marathon des Sables

As promised dear reader, I will be posting a dedicated weekly blog post relating to my research, preparations, successes, pitfalls and general thoughts and feelings on my journey towards the Sahara in 2015.

You’ll be able to find direct links to all of these posts on my 30ème MdS page.

I will aim to post every Friday – some posts might be long and detailed, others might be short and sharp and yet others may be muddled, confused and downright awful due to the huge undertaking that is preparing and training for such an iconic race!

Thanks to my regular readers for your ongoing support and readership since I began writing this blog back in April 2013 and, to new readers, I hope you find something useful, interesting and maybe even entertaining from my writing!

Peace & Blessings


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