Wednesday 4th June 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Slam Radio Podcast – ‘Forward Strategy Group – #87’

10km 40:25 (Forest Five, session 7a)

straight into

500m 2:26 (Forest Five, session 7b – warm down)

I slept in again this morning! This isn’t such a bad thing though as I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day – makes a nice change from fumbling around for the first half hour of most days wondering what’s occuring.

I drank 500ml of water, ate a banana and then set off on my run for the day. It began to rain after about a klick and continued to do so, lightly, for the rest the route – I forgot how nice it was to run in light refreshing rain! Compared to running in the heavy hail storm of a few weeks back I couldn’t complain and pushed on during the uphill sections to keep my pace around the 3:50/4:00 mark – I didn’t quite manage this but with a few more longer runs under my belt I know my leg strength will increase and I’ll find it much less sparing to keep up and even increase uphill pace. Just after the 9km mark of this route is a 200m hill that always manages to make me feel as if I’m being pulled into the bowels of the earth – I’ll know my training is going well once I’m able to ascend this without losing too many, or any, seconds off my pace when I reach the beginning of the incline.

Anyway, an update from my weekend of running: I did, in fact, improve my 8km road PR by 30 seconds and Gabrielle managed to bring down her 5km PR (on the trail) in consecutive runs no less! She is now aiming for a sub 24:00 road (or trail) 5km and I am still chasing my sub 18:00 as well as resetting my focus from improving my 8km to now improving on my current 10km road PR of 37:36 – first of all, I just need to start running consistently under 40:00 because today’s run marked only my second sub 41:00 of the year! My B-Race for this year, behind the Frankfurt Marathon, is my local 10km road race and at the very least I’d like to improve my postion from the last time I competed in 2012 where I finished a respectable 12th (the race was then billed as a Quarter Marathon and measured as such, I finished with a time of 42:45). That said, I’m glad I missed the 2013 edition as according to my housemate (who finished 14th) the course was not correctly measured and was short by a klick or more!

That’s it for today dear reader! Tomorrow I’ll be out on the roads again, probably for a 12km. Following this I’ll be making a few additions and cosmetic changes to the blog…watch this space!

Peace Out x

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 4th June 2014

    1. Alistair Flowers Post author

      Thank you kindly! It’s been a good year for them so far – 1km, 1 mile, 8km and HM!

      Hoping to end the year with new 10km, 10 mile and Marathon PRs too 😀


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