Monday 2nd June 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Nine Inch Nails – ‘Hesitation Marks’

8.27km 32:22 (Forest Five, session 6)

I ordered my Salomon Sense Ultra last night and with any luck they should arrive either later this evening or tomorrow morning! Later on, therefore, may mark the last run my New Balance MT110 ever do – I purchased them way back in May 2012 and they have served me well. Most certainly I will keep hold of them for power hiking, walking and maybe the odd run here and there – I’m even tempted to buy a new pair as they can be picked up quite cheaply nowadays, y’know, as a ‘just in-case’ back up pair of trail shoes.

I’m sitting here writing this having only completed one of my two planned workouts for the day! Later on, or tomorrow, I may even publish a short post about my planned evening trail run with Gabrielle. As it stands, this post will be about my afternoon road run and a solid effort it was too! As I am still at Gabrielle’s house, sans Garmin cable, I can’t upload my workouts to MapMyRun and Garmin Connect. This means I cannot be sure that I beat my 8km personal best which at the time of writing stands at 31:51 – I am 90% sure that I went through the 8km mark of this run around 31:20 give or take five seconds! The best thing about the run being that I know I could have given a little more in the final couple of klicks but I held back because I wanted to do a double today!

For some reason, dear reader, I’m not feeling too wordy today so I think I’m just going to wrap it up here. As I said, I will post something about my evening trail run later on or tomorrow.

Happy Monday y’all 🙂

Peace Out x

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