Sunday 1st June 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

5km 25:09 (Forest Five, session 5a, with Gabrielle)

5 minute walking/stretch

3km 11:19 (Forest Five, session 5b)

It’s been unseasonably hot today and perfect for a nice shady trail run. Yesterday I was thwarted in my attempt to purchase some Salomon Sense Ultra as there were none in any of the running stores in town. Gabby and I made one final attempt to locate a pair in another town this afternoon but found that it was only possible to purchase the Speedcross which are far too bulky for my requirements. So, to the internet I shall go, once more into the breach for my running and racing shopping needs dear reader!

After our unsuccessful shopping trip we decided on the way back to Gabrielle’s to go straight out onto the local trails. After running together shoulder to shoulder for the first 2 klicks I noticed that Gabs was running comfortably and strong, about 20 seconds quicker per kilometre than usual – I pointed this out and suggested maintaining in a bid to pace her to a PB/PR over 5km…she told me to say nothing more at this point and I swear I could see determination radiating from her! So it was that I picked it up a little and opened a ten to fifteen metre gap hoping that she would try to maintain that distance for the next 3 klicks…thankfully she did and took about 9 seconds off her previous of 25:18 (I don’t have her splits to hand at this very second but by my watch this is the case).

After we’d ran 5km together Gabs decided she would do some walking and stretching while I headed off on a 2.6km MapyMyRun route around the local lake – Black Swan. I currently hold the fastest time on the particular route with a 10:20 which I ran on Monday in the pouring rain, slippery mud and freezing cold. Today, with perfect weather and an almost perfect trail underfoot I reckoned I could do much better! I can’t be absolutely certain until I get back to mine and upload my workouts from the Garmin but, by my reckoning, I took close to a minute off that previous best of 10:22! In fact, I’m slightly annoyed with myself for not maintaining past the 2.75km mark and potentially running my first sub 11 3km of the year but I wasn’t sure that Gabs would understand what I was up to when I flew past her and kept on running at the end of the course!! Next time I’ll explain my intentions before starting out.

Still, we had a great 5km run together and enjoyed each others company, the weather and the trail and I am extremely happy with the first 2.7km of my solo 3km effort! It’s great to go out and train with Gabs too, not only am I seeing improvement in my own times and strength but it’s also clearly evident in her running – it certainly adds to my enjoyment of the run, that’s for sure!

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the trails and roads wherever you might be reading this from dear reader! Happy weekend!

Peace & Blessings

PS – huge congratulations to Ellie Greenwood for taking down the Comrades Marathon this morning! Fantastic effort 🙂

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