Saturday 31st May 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Carl Cox – ‘Global Mix 2006’ and Sven Vath – ‘Sounds of the Ninth Season’

16km 1:08:13 (Forest Five, session 4)

I woke up this morning and took some time to come round! Gabrielle told me I didn’t really look like I was up for running which was all the motivation I needed to get up, have a coffee and bacon sandwich before setting out on the open roads!

I took a brief glance at GoogleMaps before I went out and I thought I’d be running maybe 10 or 12km…when I hit 8km and was practically in the middle of nowhere I realised I was pretty much committed to a ten miler and instead of slowing me down this made me pick up my pace, broaden my grin and keep on keeping on: ‘Sometimes you just do things!’

The was sun was shining, the surface was smooth and there were a few challenging uphills and downhills to get to grips with between the long, flat and fast sections of the route. Although it was a road run it was largely on back roads and through countryside and it reminded me of my favourite sections of the Pisa Marathon! Throughout the run I was thinking about how much I enjoy road running and how much I am actually looking forward to the marathon day at Marathon des Sables next year as I’m really hoping I’ll perform well that day above all the others, this then led me to thinking about what comes after MdS (what can I say, I am planner?!) and I settled on the idea of bagging another Bucket List and dream race – Comrades in South Africa…but first, we’ll see how MdS pans out I think!

Back to the run anyway; my first klick passed in a pretty speedy 3:40 and when I passed through 10km I decided that no matter how far the distance ended up I would run my final klick in under 4:00 and so it was that I ended my run back outside Gabrielle’s house with a 3:58 – I was greeted post-run with some fresh coffee, a packet of Twiglets and a bottle of cold water and then, like a real athlete, after my shower I had a brief calf massage, donned my compression socks and had a brief nap!

This afternoon we’re off into town – I’m on the hunt for a new pair of trail running shoes as my New Balance MT110 have finally given up the ghost after Monday’s very wet and very muddy trail run; a little bit of burst stitching, the few hundred miles I’ve logged in them now definitely show on the soles and they are also still damp and smelling like a wet dog! I believe the time has come to retire them and I’m probably going to upgrade to some Salomon Sense Ultra or the like.

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend dear readers, happy running!

Peace & Blessings x

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