Thursday 29th May 2014 (part 2, the run)

Workout Soundtrack: Sven Väth – ‘Sounds of the Ninth Season’

4km 15:09 (Forest Five, session 3)

Just a quick post tonight! I’ve been floating on the clouds for most of today with the knowledge I’ve got my MDS2015 spot in the bag and, consequently, I’ve been thinking about running all day.

I rued the decision I made not to bring my running gear to work so I could run straight after my shift – I sat on the bus to Euston willing it to go faster so I could get home and get out! By the time I did get home I was feeling pretty tired but I’m happy with the effort over 4 klicks. My fastest mile of the route was 5:41 and my fastest kilometre was the third which came in at 3:27. The numbers are falling, the legs and lungs are strengthening and I’m beginning to feel like I’m on the path to full fitness – I’m really looking forward to the Forest Five on June 18th and not least because I’ll be running in a new pair of trail shoes that I will have picked out for MDS purposes…more on that stuff later as I’ll be posting weekly dedicated Marathon des Sables posts from next week!

Hope you’re all having a good week of running! Enjoy the roads and trails this weekend dear reader.

Peace Out x

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