Monday 26th May 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Nine Inch Nails – ‘Pretty Hate Machine’

12km 49:38 (Forest Five, session 1)

*This post was written on 27th May*

Well, I knew it wouldn’t be easy getting over the loss of my dog and when I woke myself up crying at 0600hrs that fact was certainly proven. All I wanted to do was get back to sleep and then head out for a run in the rain later in the day. I dozed until 0830hrs and then dragged myself into being – even then I couldn’t face a run so I just moped around the pub that Gabs works in from 1200hrs until I finally got it together enough to get out for an extremely cathartic and fairly fast trail run around 1700hrs.

It was cold, pouring with rain and the trail I chose was practically deserted. My first five klicks came in at 19:36 and were all ran at sub 4:00 pace, if I had noticed I was going that quickly I would have pushed to beat my year’s best time of 19:12! Alas, I was happy when I saw a sub 20:00 five register and then pushed on with an attempt at my longstanding 8km/5 mile PR missing out by only 18 seconds – not bad at all considering my PR was set on a dry road run.

I tried not to slow too much throughout the run with my slowest K’s coming on the 9th (4:38) and 10th (4:23), again, this is not at all bad considering I endeavoured to run through every puddle and every mud patch I could find! By the end of the run my usually very light New Balance MT110s were pretty waterlogged and quite a bit heavier than usual. I ran the whole thing with wide eyes and a big smile and it felt good to clear out some tension and negative emotion with each stride, it also felt good to listen to ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ during the run as I haven’t heard it in quite a long time!

Anyway, I finished my run in the exact same pub that I had been sitting in all day! I arrived back there at 1815hrs to find Gabrielle and her father sitting at the bar with a pint and a packet of crisps waiting – not a bad way to end the run and to continue on the road to lifting my mood!

Peace & Blessings x

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