If it keeps on raining…(a quick update)

Dearest blog readers and running friends

I will be updating the blog later this week covering my run at the Westminster Mile and the training runs I’ve done since. The reason I have not posted anything at all since before the mile is because yesterday I had to take my faithful and loyal friend of six years to Battersea Dog’s Home and it has been a very emotionally and mentally draining time.


Loki and I the night before giving him up...

It has kept on raining all day and my emotional levee is almost at the point of breaking. I’m supposed to be at work right now but instead I’m sitting in a pub, in Berkshire, drinking coffee whilst Gabs is working behind the bar.


Our last few moments together and our last game of tug o' war.

I don’t want to go home, I don’t really want to write, I can’t find the motivation to apply for the jobs I really want and I can’t find the motivation to look for somewhere to live. All I want to do is fight back tears, go for a long run in the rain (which I’ll do later on) and sleep.

I should have pulled it together enough to concentrate by the weekend. Thanks for your patience, understanding and continued readership – all of you, particularly those of you who I have never met, who regularly read my blog I really can’t say how much it means to know that people out there genuinely take an interest in my less than spectacular running ability! It has truly got me through tough training sessions, tough races and hard moments away from running.


The last picture I have of Loki before we parted ways forever.

Peace & Blessings x

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