30ème Sultan Marathon des Sables - Journey to the Sahara, 2015

Tuesday 20th May 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

10km 44:23 (Westminster Mile, session 14)

Another day in the office and this time it definitely showed on my run! My legs felt heavy this afternoon, I managed a few surges to get through traffic junctions, to cross roads and to avoid large groups of pedestrians (London, ugh) but I couldn’t maintain a decent pace for the life of me! Not one klick passed in under 4 minutes which for me is a sign I need a rest day. So, tomorrow will be just that! It’s my brother’s birthday so instead of running after work I’m going to go and hang out with him and have a beer or two. I want to keep my legs fresh for Saturday’s BUPA Westminster Mile because I want to be able to walk away from the finish line either with or PR or, at the very least, with the knowledge that I gave it everything I had in the tank! With this in mind I think Thursday’s session will be an trail based 5x1km interval session and Friday will be a trail based 5km at a fairly easy pace.

I also decided last night, after my MdS revelation, to purchase another pair of New Balance MT110 so I can do some more off-road running again – it’ll be good at this stage in my Frankfurt Marathon training to get in one or two grass/trail runs in every week in an attempt to avoid injury and keep my legs fresh. I still have my original pair of MT110 but they have very little grip left on them and I use them on my mountain bike and for walking nowadays.

One thing is for certain though, if I get a spot on MdS 2015 I more than likely will not be racing in MT110…the thought has crossed my mind but I don’t think they’d offer the right protection over desert and dune. More than likely I’d go for Salomon Sense Ultra or Inov8 Roclite 285 or Trailroc 245. [Typing that I just smiled to myself; I can’t believe I’m already thinking ahead to what I’m going to need for a 153 mile multi-day ultra across the Sahara!]

Well, until Thursday’s session I shall bid you adieu dear reader! I hope today has treated you well and that the ‘morrow brings a smile.

Peace Out x

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