30ème Sultan Marathon des Sables - Journey to the Sahara, 2015

Monday 19th May 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

3km 11:43 (Westminster Mile, session 13a)

3 minute rest

5km 21:57 (Westminster Mile, session 13b)

1 minute rest

2km 10:04 (Westminster Mile, session 13c – warm down)

It was a long and tiring day at work – it gets very hot in our office and it was only when I started to prepare for my running commute that I realised I had not really moved far from my desk all day! My back felt a little stiff and I felt quite lethargic but my mind still felt sharp – I decided to set off at the best pace I could muster and to run as hard as I could for 3 klicks before resting and heading into an easy 5km. I ended up doing the extra 2km warm-down as my 5km route ended in a part of London I’m unfamiliar with so I had to take a 1 minute rest to ask someone for directions to Euston! It turned out all well and good in the end as it felt good to finish the day with a well rounded 10km run and I’m pretty pleased with the times and paces of session A and B considering there was no cloud cover, no wind and the sun was beating down!

On that note, I’ll skip to the end of my run! I arrived at Euston with enough time to spare to go and use the public rest room to get change out of my very sweaty short shorts and singlet and into some slightly longer shorts and my Japan London 2012 adidas t-shirt (I love the passion the Japanese have for running, hence the shirt). I picked up a pot of olives, feta and cucumber and made my way to the train, checking my phone as I did so…I found that I might have to get very used to running in the heat with no shade to speak of!

Why you ask? Well, I am on the cusp of something huge – a dream of mine, in fact, may be realised in April next year! That’s right dear reader, I may very well be running the Marathon des Sables 2015!!! I have now pre-registered to take part in actual registration on May 27th at 1000hrs GMT – there are 500 spots available through this route and if I’m unsuccessful in grabbing one first time around I have the opportunity to register for the Cancellation wait-list. I cannot adequately explain how excited this has made me! I had hear about, and greatly admired, the MdS long before I started running in 2011. It was something I looked to back in my pre-running days as a feat of the impossible and now, many years later here I sit waiting to hear if I have a spot! It literally brings a tear to my eye and at the same time a broad grin to my face – if I’m successful I will be lining up in the Sahara desert almost 4 years to the day after taking up running. Four years ago, in April 2011, I couldn’t even manage 5 klicks without having to stop to catch my breath, wretch a bit and generally wonder what the hell I was up to and now…and now, well, now I feel that running the MdS is something I am definitely capable of with a bit of hard work and dedication!!

If I get that elusive spot and obtain that official, golden confirmation e-mail I promise you that I will sit down at my computer and write a post that will do its absolute best to explain what this means to me and why this means so much to me. I will sit, I will write, I will edit and I will not publish until I feel I’ve done some justice to this magnificent race and this wonderful demonstration of what the human body and mind is capable of!

Wish me luck dear reader, I live in hope that the universe will provide 🙂

Peace, Joy & Blessings to you all x

The Toughest Footrace on Earth

The Toughest Footrace on Earth

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