Sunday 18th May 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

9km 41:58 (Westminster Mile, session 12 – easy run with Gabs)

It has been beautiful weather in England this past weekend and today I took full advantage of that with Gabs: we took Loki out twice, went for a run together, visited my Dad and went out for lunch.

Before doing any of this though we woke up, put on a fresh pot, made some Anzac biscuits, registered us both for the Forest Five Miler on June 18th and then spent the morning watching the Great Manchester Run which is one of the biggest 10km road runs in the English calendar. It was great to see Gemma Steel finish second behind Tirunesh Dibaba (no surprises there!) – great to see English distance running talent, particularly on the women’s side, is being well looked after, supported and developed! The men’s race was all about 5000m and 10,000m world record holder, Kenenisa Bekele up against Marathon world record holder, Wilson Kipsang – there were not many surprises here either, Kipsang gave a good account of himself over the shorter distance but Bekele just had that little bit more speed over the distance and, ultimately, that showed! I’ve no doubt that later this year or maybe next year we will see these two line-up to race against each other over 26.2 and, in my opinion, there can only be one victor there and that is undoubtedly Kipsang!

Anyway, after the race we took Loki out for a walk in the early afternoon sunshine before returning home briefly for water and then taking him back out to visit my Dad. On returning from this jaunt it was time to lace up and get out of the door! Gab has never ran farther than 7.4km prior to today, she originally asked if I would pace her over the distance but I told her it would be best if she just ran consistently and comfortably for her first five mile outing – needless to say she completed the distance feeling a little bit drained but very pleased! I ran the 8km at various points 500/600m in front, on the shoulder giving encouragement and sharing water or running past and then catching up again – obviously, the back and forth brought my distance for the day up to 9km.

One incident from the run sticks out as being odd and unusual though. We were running a 1.2km section of road that is unpaved but usually with low traffic. Today was the same, not much traffic at all. However, as I came to the end of the section a car was turning on to this particular road and seemed to speed up as it came around the corner having previously had a good deal of opportunity to see me – this messed up my focus in a big way and I instinctively turned my head to look back towards Gabs to see if she was aware of the oncoming car and safe – at this point my left foot hit the curb and I went tumbling to the pavement! It was a bit of a shock, and my right arm and leg found themselves in a nettle bush…the rest of my run was a little itchy but nothing was broken, strained or sprained and we continued on, both fine, after I took a short moment to dust myself off and regain my composure and focus.

Aside from the fall/vehicle incident today has been wonderful, spent with good company and in fantastic weather. I’m now off to pack my running kit for my commute home from work tomorrow, relax a bit with an Anzac biscuit or two and to watch the final episode of this season’s ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

Happy Sunday y’all. I hope the week gets off to a flyer for you on the ‘morrow!

Peace & Blessings x

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