Tuesday 13th May 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

8km 33:22 (Westminster Mile, session 9a)

30 minutes rest (train journey home)

4km 17:32 (Westminster Mile, session 9b)

20 seconds rest

1.35km 6:37 (Westminster Mile, session 9c – warm down)

As anybody who has tried to run at a decent clip in London will know, it is quite a difficult feat to achieve! Although my run today was not exactly slow I just could not get into a rhythm due to all of the jinking, ducking, diving, swerving and surging I had to do just to keep moving!

I managed the run without having to stop for any traffic or pedestrians but was slowed down by both throughout – there were a few hairy moments where I found myself actually running down the road with moving traffic but thankfully my high-visibility Pisa Marathon tech tee made me a fairly obvious object to avoid hitting (and I made sure I was always out of large vehicle blind spots). I was glad once I got nearer to Euston and ran around Russell Square which, although busy with pedestrians, affords plenty of space for those who might be moving a little faster than most – from here I had to run a short stretch of Euston Road proper before diving off down onto Hampstead Road and around the back of the station’s Post Office rail section before ending with a nice 800m hard effort down Eversholt Street. Eversholt Street is probably the best street  to run on that I’ve found so far (in London anyway) as there are very few side streets veering off it and it’s wonderfully wide pavements mean I don’t have to plan ahead to get past bunched up groups of tourists or slow walking business people on their phones!

I got onto my train home with ten minutes to kill so I got my book out, took off my Mizuno to give my feet a short breather and then happily read and regained some energy during the twenty minute train journey. Out at the other end, no more than a ten minute walk from home I decided to set off on a further 4km to take my total to 12km for the day! I didn’t want to put in a hard effort so I glided along happily at an easy pac, negative splitting each kilometre (apart from the last) as I went: 4:35, 4:27, 3:58 and 4:21. This run not only achieved the obvious goal of strengthening my legs and my mind for running tired but it also allowed me to accurately measure a road based loop that begins 550m from my front door; I now know that if I don’t want to do a longer run I can either do a quick 2.2km loop session or I can run intervals of 2.2km – this is great for my marathon training as 0.6km of the course is a slow incline which will provide some real strength to my calves, glutes and hamstrings over time.

So, that’s it for today dear reader, it’s not been a bad first day back at work after being off for so long but did find that I was just itching to get out for my post-shift run from about 1200hrs until I managed to get out at 1620! I guess it’s always good to have something to look forward to, it’ll be a great distraction when things get tough during a shift as they sometimes do!

I hope you’ve all had a great day. Until the ‘morrow, I bid thee adieu.

Peace Out x

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