Sunday 11th May 2014

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7km 34:26 (Westminster Mile, session 7. Easy run with Gabs – 6.86km 34:16)

Today's run was bought to you by Mizuno, with appearances by Gabs and Al.

Today’s run was brought to you by Mizuno, with appearances by Gabs and  Al.

Gabrielle and I went out for a wonderful pre-dinner easy run so she could try out her new Mizuno on the roads!

As we’re running the Westminster Mile together on May 24th I decided to gift Gabrielle with a new pair of road-specific running shoes and went for the amazing Mizuno Wave Sayonara! I was pleased to find I’d made the right choice before Gabs had even run 100m in them – she loved the colours, general look and feel of the shoes.

Today was the day to get out and take them for a little road test and a successful road test it turned out to be. I ran the first mile just in front of Gabs as it was part of the MapMyRun course that I dominated last year and that I am leading this year – earlier in the day she decided to ditch RunKeeper and to start using MapMyRun…and now she is Queen of the Mountain and 5th place overall on this particular course!

The rest of the run was spent running pretty much shoulder to shoulder apart from the final kilometre which I ran in 3:36. For me, up to this point, it was a nice and easy run and I chatted with Gabs to keep her going when she felt a little tired – although even when she was tired she was still a very consistent and clockwork runner ticking off each kilometre  on average at 5:00 minutes!

All in all, a great way to spend an early Sunday evening and we followed the run with a fresh pot of coffee and some homemade Anzac biscuits which is quite possibly my favourite way to chill out after a run!

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