Friday 9th May 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Mastertraxx Underground Techno Podcast – ‘mixed by Jamie Bissmire’

9km 38:35 (Westminster Mile, session 5)

I set off this afternoon with one thing in mind, a silly thing really!

I thought to myself that I wanted to beat my personal record on a 1km course on MapMyRun – I was Overall 1st place on this particular course in 2013 with fastest time (4:18) and King of the Mountain (+23m over 1km) out of 32 runners both male (23) and female (9).

The course begins 550m into one of my usual routes so I set off at a fairly decent clip, not too fast but enough to get the blood pumping! I turned the corner and hit the start of the course immediately picking up my pace – the first 700m of this course is uphill and the majority of the 23m elevation takes place here so I just kept my stride shorter than usual, my head up and my mind focused on beating my PR and solidifying my Overall 1st place for 2014 so far…

I’m glad to say that I passed through the finish of the course having taken 15 seconds off my previous PR! 4:03 – my PR for the course and a time that also put my back on top as King of the Mountain on that particular course. I wasn’t to find any of this out until I got back and plugged in my Garmin mind you so I continued my run oblivious.

From this point until around the 3.5km mark I ran strong and confident. However, I changed my route at about the 2.5km mark and at 3km it started to climb quite steadily for about 500m – thankfully straight afterwards it plunged downhill but I felt that it my quads as the route flattened out again! I will most certainly be requiring a cold bath and the foam roller once I’ve finished writing today! Anyway, from 4km until 8km I could feel myself slowing down and ran consequtively slower klicks between 6, 7 and 8 – I finished with a surge though as I was determined not to let my last kilometre come in above 4:30 and, so it was, I came to improve from an 8 klick time of 4:38 to a final kilometre time of 4:24. Not a bad way to finish a pretty tough run – the early push to get my PR certainly took it out of me, but it didn’t kill me so I can only assume it made me stronger!

Tomorrow, dear reader, I hope to be on the road with my friend Tom to see if I can improve on any of my PRs in the 3km to 10km range as he runs a pretty fast 10km himself: run, rabbit, RUN!

Happy Friday to one and all! Hope the trails and roads treat you well this weekend 😀

Peace & Blessings x


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