Wednesday 7th May 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Paul Oakenfold – ‘Goa Mix’

6km 24:50 (Westminster Mile, session 4)

I went out on a balmy evening, rain had fallen on and off throughout the day so the air was clear and the world smelled fresh!

I was in a great mood as I set off, largely because I’ve had a productive and successful day! I had a good night’s sleep completely undisturbed, I’ve done all of my food/ingredients shopping for the weekend, visited my Dad, walked the dog and passed my driving theory test today.

With all of this in mind, and the fact that I signed off yesterday’s post by claiming today’s run would be an ‘easy’ run, I set off at a gentle and calm pace clearing my first klick in 4:10 – certainly not exerting effort and most certainly still smiling! The next time I looked down at my Garmin I had just passed through 3km in 3:44 without even considering it to be a hard effort – this encouraged me to concentrate a little more and to keep up my pace. It is a shame that at this point my route starts a gentle but noticeable 1km climb! This being the case my 4th klick came in at 4:07 and so I became determined to run under 4:00 for the 5th klick!!

I lifted my head a little more and increased the turnover in my legs as I crested the last bit of the 1km hill and hammered it hard from here until the watch beeped at 5km revealing a 3:43 kilometre and allowing me to run the 5km portion of my ‘easy’ run in 19:59 – a sub 20:00 by the skin of my teeth 😀 After seeing this I decided to creep the final kilometre home and take it as an easy warm down klick – I glided home in 4:44 with a smile on my face and the knowledge that if I feel I need a rest day on the ‘morrow then I have certainly earned it! It feels good to have put 5 consecutive days of happy, injury free running together and if I’m honest I’m tempted to put together seven days!

I’m going to be strong though and focus on some strength and conditioning instead of running tomorrow as I have a really good running weekend planned:

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 8km, easy

Saturday: 12k, with my friend Tom (sub 37:00 10km road runner)

Sunday: 8km, with Gabs

I don’t want to push myself too hard so early in my marathon training cycle so rest is just as important as running! I really want to make it to Frankfurt supple, strong and injury free!

With that dear reader, I wish you happy Wednesday and happy running!

Peace & Blessings x

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