Tuesday 6th May 2014

Workout Soundtrack: CLR Podcast – ‘#271 mixed by Drumcell’

10km 41:18 (Westminster Mile, session 3)

Tiredness is my overriding feeling today!

But, tired or not, I had scheduled today to be the day my new shoes got their first run out past 8km! For me the first 10km run in a new pair of shoes is like a right of passage and it’s where you find out whether or not you actually like the things or not! Thankfully, even with running at a slightly slower pace than I might have liked (and with heavy legs toward the end), I found that I love the Mizuno Wave Hitogami. Granted, I already suspected this might be the case after putting them through a hard 5km workout on Sunday and a wave tempo on Monday but, the proof is in the distance and 10km is the gateway to long distance!!

I ran my first 5km of this run in 20:20 but for the first 4km I was having a bit of a mental battle and arguing with myself – I knew I would have to commit to the 10km within the next 1000m as I was coming to a crossroads that could take me home in 8km if I turned right or would take me out to my intended goal of the day should I turn left. All the way up to this turning I was questioning my ability to go the distance, I felt that my shorts were unusually uncomfortable and my arms just did not feel like they were moving at all naturally – this mattered not! Before I knew it I had turned left and committed to the 10km and, lo and behold, within a few hundred metres I felt grand! Grand enough to pick up my pace slightly – so it was that my 5th kilometre of the 10 was my fastest today coming in at 3:51 😀

Anyway, from 5km right until the end of the run, although my mind felt tired I felt absolutely wonderful physically and I manged a 3:53 on the final kilometre! I have no doubt that after a few more nights of decent sleep I’ll be back to my usual self and that can only bode well for my training!

Tomorrow, I think I’ll take it easy and run between 5 and 8 klicks. We shall see! Until then dear reader: Run Happy & Live Simply!

Peace & Blessings

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