Monday 5th May 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

5km 21:56 (Westminster Mile, session 2) (Wave Tempo – surges of 800m, 500m, 300m, 500m & 100m)

40 seconds rest

1km 5:03 (Westminster Mile, session 2. Warm Down)

8 minute walking break

1 mile Untimed (Westminster Mile, session 2. Warm Down 2)

*This post was written on 6th May*

Sunday’s run was a pretty hard effort, but don’t get me wrong that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it – quite the opposite! I’m hoping that the effort of getting under 20:00 for 5km will start to lessen by the end of the summer as I’d really like to be pushing to take down my long standing 5km PR before the Frankfurt Marathon in October!

Today’s run was undertaken with Gabrielle and it was to be her first road run. She found it tough and after some questioning I found it was because:

  1. Running on the road encourages speed, and
  2. It was also her first run without music!

I kept a nice easy pace just in front, about 500m or so, for the first 2km and then doubled back for my first surge of 800m which, obviously, then put me running behind and playing a bit of catch up. I kept up this tactic for the rest of the main 5km of the run and gave myself a 40 second rest before taking a slow run back towards Gabrielle and running the final 1km of her own 5km – it was fun! I even think, after she’d warmed up, Gabs actually enjoyed the feeling of road running too.

I explained that I felt it was a more difficult enterprise than trail running as your mind isn’t so distracted by beautiful surroundings and the constant reading of the path ahead for ideal foot placement! However, in my opinion road running offers a little more expansiveness than trail running does in the UK – roads can take you for unbroken miles and the route possibilities are endless. Once you have the confidence of the long distance runner and you know you can run comfortably for well over an hour the roads become your friend and straight stretches become your mid-run interval/fartlek playground! Running on the roads is where I feel most at ease with myself and most confident as a runner, not just for the aforementioned reasons, but because it forces you to keep your head up and your stride even lest ye be judged by the constant flow of car dwellers or pedestrians – it’s clear to me that road running is where I am most likely to find my ‘zone’, running the roads is where I am in my element!

So to sum it up, I ran happy and introduced Gabs to the open road – the place where I built my running foundations and developed my love for this marvellous pursuit, way of life and sport!

With that, dear reader, I bid thee farewell until the ‘morrow!

Peace Out x

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