Sunday 4th May 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Umek’s 1605 Session – ‘mixed by Stefano Noferini’

5km 19:36 (Westminster Mile, session 1) (Mile splits: 5:56, 5:59, 6:25)

1:30 rest period

3.21km 15:45 (Westminster Mile, session 1. Warm Down)

Another beautiful day, another beautiful run!

I set off at what I thought to be a conservative pace and found myself winding it up as the run went along! I put in a negative or even split for every kilometre apart from the final one which came in at 3:58 compared to the previous two which came in at 3:46. It was hard going to keep it up with about 500m to go until the 5km mark but I pushed on and I’m pleased with the result. Today’s best mile was the first which came in at 5:56…twenty days to get that down closer to, or under, 5:00!

I can’t say much else today dear reader, it really was a wonderfully enjoyable run and the weather really is beautiful! That being the case, I’m going to wrap it up, pack up some gear and head over to see Gabrielle – all being well we’ll be going on a road run together tomorrow. Good times!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend – run happy! 😀

Peace & Blessings



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