Saturday 3rd May 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Adam Beyer’s Drumcode Radio Live – ‘DCR195 – Chris Liebing @ Awakenings’

4.2km 16:52 (first run since April 21st, last day of antibiotics course)

Well, that run felt absolutely amazing! It was great to be back out on the road and taking my new shoes out for a run! I’m not going to review the new shoes as I don’t really do reviewing here on the blog (I tried it once but it didn’t flow or feel natural as a writing style) but I will say I have definitely made the right choice for my road based training and racing! I cannot wait to put them to the racing test at the Westminster Mile!

Speaking of miles; I train and race in kilometres but I’ve switched over my Garmin Connect online to miles so I can see how I’m going as May 24th and my first ever mile road race approaches!

Today I ran my first mile in 6:36 and my second in 6:00…I’m pretty pleased with that as I wasn’t giving it everything I’ve got by any means! Today was just a gentle reintroduction to running after having a couple of weeks off with illness and life related stresses getting in the way of my training. So, I’m aiming for my first ever sub 5:00 mile on May 24th and I think if I focus the rest of my training this month on intervals and shorter, faster runs in the 4 to 6km range I should just about be able to manage that. My current PR stands at 5:26 and that was run during a 5×1 Mile interval training session sometime back in 2012 – I run all of my mile intervals cross country/on a trail loop so that means with the extra stability and flatness of the road surface I should be able to improve on that fairly significantly!

Anyway, enough waffling about being a dilettante miler! I’m just happy to be back out running with dreams in my heart (© Emil Zapotek) and with a spring in my step. Tomorrow I’ll head out for another short and fast run to see how I go, I’ll be taking my last antibiotic tablet at 2000hrs this evening so tomorrow I’ll be running drug and illness free – I can’t wait!

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend dear reader! Enjoy the roads and trails people 🙂

Peace Out x

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