This is the end, my friend (rehoming Loki)

I don’t normally post anything non-running/swimming/fitness related on my blog but I really need your help dearest reader…

I need a new home...

I need a new home…

If anybody can help by fostering or permanently adopting Loki then do not hesitate to get in touch. Time is running out for both of us – he needs a home really no later than May 25th. He is my most loving and loyal best friend and I’ve had him for six years, since he was about 12 weeks old, it’s breaking my heart to part ways with him.

If you can offer him a temporary or permanent home before the end of May then please get in touch – I really, really don’t want to take him to kennels but time is running out and options are fading away.

If you can foster him then I will pay for all his food for the duration of his stay along with his insurance and any veterinary costs that may be incurred until he finds a permanent home.

If you can offer him a permanent home then I will gladly transport him directly to your front door, at your convenience, pretty much anywhere in the UK as long as ferry crossings aren’t involved!

If you can help I will be indebted to you forever. Give me a shout:

Peace & Blessings x

I need a new home...

I need a new home…

Name: Loki
Age: 6 years
DOB: 15 May 2008
Breed(s): American Bulldog x Labrador (Maybe?! I’ve been trying to figure this out for about 6 years!)
Other Info: Vaccinated, neutered, chipped and insured (£21pcm)

Temperament: Loki is a super friendly dog and is well socialised with other dogs of various breeds. He enjoys running around with large dogs like boxers and ridgebacks but is equally happy to play with smaller dogs. I have had him since 12 weeks old and he has always lived with other people, as few as two people and up to 6 or 7 at times! This being the case he loves the company of humans and likes to be fussed. He has never lived with other animals so I cannot be sure if he would get along with a house cat. I don’t think he would get on well with another dog being in the home though, after trying to rehome him on the Isle of Wight I found that he was bullied by the two dogs of his potential new owner. Loki has never bitten another creature or human in all the time I’ve had him. That said, dogs will be dogs so once in a rare while he’s been known to rumble but nothing serious at all – just a bit of barging and growling at other dogs.

Reason for Rehoming: I never thought it would come to this but I really cannot give Loki the level of care and attention he deserves any longer. I love him dearly but my shift patterns and responsiblities are just not compatible with dog ownership. In addition my housing situation has become untenable – my landlord has given me until May 30th to rehome Loki or we will both have to leave. I think he would be perfect for a couple or a small family (with children over the age of 6) with a bit of land or a large garden. He is one of the nicest, friendliest and medium sizest mongrels I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and I’m sure you’ll fall in love once you meet him.

Weight: 4.5 stone (28.5kg)
Eats: 625g Pedigree Chum Original or Chappie once per day with a medium handful of dry biscuits…and any leftovers he can get hold of!
Cost of Food: c.£30pcm (+£5/6 bi-monthly for biscuits)

Likes: bacon, mackerel, rolling in the grass, walking in the woods, chasing/barking at squirrels and wood pigeons, sleeping, cuddles, people

Dislikes: loud noises, sudden increases of volume, being shut out of rooms when people are inside, dogs on leads, motorbikes

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