Best Laid Plans…

I have made a discovery and this has led to a decision!

I discovered that once I began to think about running the Shires & Spires Ultra on June 1st I found I did not want to run – be that racing or training, I just found myself heading to the pool instead of lacing up and getting on the trails and roads.

After some honest reflection I think this was plainly obvious I was avoiding training because I have not put any serious thought into preparing for my first ultra other than by buying a Salomon S-Lab 12 running pack and using it on a few runs! I’ve done no long runs and no back to back middle distance runs and by this stage I would be expecting to range my long runs out to 40 to 45km in preparation for a 35 mile race…I haven’t run above 21km this year yet!

So, this discovery led me to the decision that I am not yet mentally ready to run an ultramarathon which then led me to withdraw from Shire & Spires for this year. Physically I think I can take on 35 miles and finish the race but I’d want to do more than just finish – I want to finish every race I run strongly, with a good time and the knowledge I put in the effort in training! Who knows, maybe later in the year I will feel ready for such an undertaking but right now I’m looking at putting together a race schedule to take me through the summer and into the autumn.

I’m going to aim to do two 10k road races in the summer, a half marathon in the autumn and a late autumn/early winter marathon if I can stay injury free. I’ll be aiming to break my PRs in all of those distances as I have found I always run faster and more focused when I’m racing! The idea of running these shorter and faster races with this intention has filled me with excitement at the prospect of running again, the trepidation of going past the 26.2 mark has lifted and I reckon come the end of the year I’ll have some achievements to be proud of and a purpose to look forward to!

What purpose is this you say?! Well, the purpose for next year will be to sign-up for, properly train for, properly prepare for and to race in an ultramarathon in the 50 to 60km bracket…

Time will tell!

Peace & Blessings x

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