Thursday 24th April 2014

I’m writing this post quite a bit earlier than I usually would today. It’s currently 0851hrs and at this moment in time I would usually either be out on the roads or on the way to the pool before heading to start a Late shift at 1400hrs.

However, today I have woken feeling pretty under the weather and I’m going to listen to my body and heed the signs of tiredness! Therefore today I will be doing nothing much more strenuous than walking up and down stairs at work a few times and taking Loki out for his daily constitutional.

Later on I am hoping to write a post outlining my running plans for the next few months too because I’ve been thinking about them a lot since I rediscovered my running mojo 

Until then, I hope y’all have a wonderful day. Adieu 🙂

Peace & Blessings x

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