Thursday 17th April 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

Distance unmonitored but around 6/7km 32:49

*This post was written on 23rd April*

I went out to Hurst, near Reading to meet Gabs for the Easter weekend today to find she lives literally over the road from a nature reserve boasting three or four rather large lakes.

We decided to go for a run just after lunch time. As I’m quite a bit quicker than Gabrielle I did two laps of Black Swan lake (2.7km each) and managed the 5.4km in 20:05 or thereabouts!

From there I had a little warm-down run of about 1.5km as I searched for Gabs around the lake – I picked her up towards the 3.5km mark of her own run and then, as promised, I paced her to a personal best over 5km by 38 seconds…I’d tell you what the time she ran was but she’s modest and won’t allow me to!

Anyway, it was a lovely refreshing run – it’s always nice to run new routes in scenic locations and I really enjoyed running with somebody else for company.

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