Monday 21st April 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

4km (Best effort) 16:05

00:30 rest

2km (pacing Gabs to another 5km PR)  9:57

100m drills/stretching

1.5km (warm down) 8:00

straight into

1.2km (Best effort) 4:00

*This post was written on 23rd April*

This was a workout in 4 parts and I enjoyed every bit just as much as the other! My first 4km session at best effort saw me average 4:00 per klick and after a short rest to catch my breath I caught up with Gabrielle who was running to try and break her PR set on Thursday with my pacing assistance – I kept us to a steady 5:00 per klick average and, lo and behold, 2km later and she had yet another PR under her belt taking 37 seconds of the previous effort!! Good going!

After this we did some stretching and a few drills over a 100m before setting off for one last warm down lap (2.7km) if Black Swan lake. I felt sufficiently relaxed and recovered after 1.5km that I decided to push it for that last 1.2 at best effort pace and promised Gabs I would turn around and come and run in with her if she was very far behind. I put in a good effort and ran what I believe is my fastest kilometre of 2014 so far – I stopped and could feel a healthy burn in my legs and had a big smile on my face as I started to stretch out a little. Once I’d warmed down a bit I acted on my promise, turned around and started jogging back the way I came – I was happy to see, after about 1:15, Gabs running gracefully towards me at a fairly decent clip! I reckon she can’t have been more than 5oo or 600m behind. We shared a mid-run high five and then slowed to a jog before strolling home for Chelsea buns and fresh coffee – not the healthiest post-run meal but, hey, it’s Easter Monday so it’s fine! 😀

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Easter break my dearest and most venerable readers! I also hope that you are all enjoying your running as much as I am at the moment – it feels so good to be back out there and running with joy!

Peace Out x

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