Friday 18th April 2014

Workout Soundtrack: – 

40x25m 18:18 (freestyle)

*This post was written on 23rd April*

Went for a swim today. Thought I might be on for a PR about 30 laps in. Not sure why but I think when I realised that I dropped off the pace! Good solo swim with a lane to myself for the entirety but no PR this time…maybe next time!!

After running with a partner yesterday I even had a swim buddy today! Whilst I was doing my freestyle Gabs was over in the other lane doing breaststroke laps – I joined her afterwards for a nice slow breaststroke warm down and then we headed up to the sauna for twenty minutes.

Something I’ve learned in the past two days – I actually enjoying training with a swim buddy or run partner?! And to think, I never knew and never would have thought it to be the case!

Peace & Blessings


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