Friday 11th April 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

80x25m 38:57 (freestyle) (PR)

Sauna: 20 minutes

*This post was written on 12th April 2014*

I think I can safely say that this was the most enjoyable pool session I’ve ever had! I went over to the pool at about 2000hrs on a Friday night and in two left lanes a triathlon team was training, nobody was in the two fast lanes and there were only a few ‘splashers’ in the two general lanes. This mean I had a lane to myself and some pretty good fast swimmers to pace myself with on a few laps when I felt I might be slowing a little.

After about 10 laps I remembered some advice given to me by Kris Gemmell, the New Zealand Olympic triathlete last year – relax and let the water flow over you and the swim will be much easier on the body. At this point my arms were feeling the weights and push-ups workout I’d completed about half and hour before getting into the pool and I think it was making me tense up a little. For the next ten laps or so I just kept repeating ‘Relax and the let the water flow’ and before I knew it was in a really good rhythm! I passed the 1km mark in 19:26 which meant I wasn’t going too slow but also that I hadn’t been hammering too fast which would have burned me out before I reached a mile. I carried on at more or less the same pace up to the mile mark which I passed through in 33:14 – missing my pool mile (66 laps) PR by eight seconds! When I noticed this I decided I would pick up the pace over the last five or six laps to the 2km mark but kept it steady until this point – as I approached the penultimate wall touch (lap 79) I my right calf seized up quite badly and I floundered for a second before using the wall kick to give it a quick stretch, I gratefully touched the wall on lap 80 and as soon as I stood up both of my calf muscles and my toes cramped up! When I looked at my watch I decided that it was a good pain as I had just lowered my 2km PR from 43:43 to 38:57 and in the process almost took my pool mile PR with it.

I took my tired and aching self to the sauna for a quick twenty minute blast of deep breathing, heat and self massage followed by a lengthy cold shower. I only went out to the pool to set a benchmark 2km, something that I’d be able to chip away at in the coming months and then I ended up with a hefty PR – that is just how I roll on a Friday night people! The thought of entering a triathlon before the year is out is beginning to creep from the back to the front of my mind…

Peace & Blessings x


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