Wednesday 9th April 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

40x25m 18:11 (freestyle)

10x25m untimed (Combat Swimmer Stroke) (No wall kicks)

4×25 partial underwater and 2 x25 underwater

Sauna: 30 minutes / Steam Room: 20 minutes

*This post was written on 10th April 2014*

I really, really enjoyed my swim this morning. I put in the effort and was rewarded with a time that gives me strength and hope that I can take down my 1km PR in the near future with a little more work and a little more honing of my kicking technique! The plan is to hit the pool again on Thursday to attempt to match today’s 18:11 or to beat it and then the following day I’m going to jump in for a steady 2km swim so I can set myself a benchmark for that distance.

After my swim I was blessed with an empty sauna and an empty steam room! It was so peaceful that I almost drifted off to sleep a few times in the steam room. I can’t say that I was thinking about much but I felt very calm, relaxed and connected to humanity even though I was alone – a strange feeling I must admit but one I’d like to try to replicate wherever and whenever possible!

As I am writing this on the 10th I’m going to let you all know about something that happened much later in the day, after I’d got to work at 1400hrs for my Late shift. I think fate and her mysterious ways sent me a sign (on reflection, I think she has been doing so for quite some time). I’d been at work for about two hours when we were informed a resident’s visitor had climbed up onto the roof and was threatening to jump off. Now, this might shake some people but this kind of thing puts me in ‘Crisis Management’ mode – if you read my CV it would tell you that this is one of my greatest strengths. So without batting an eyelid I grabbed a radio, a set of keys and calmly headed upstairs to the top of our building. Shortly afterwards I found myself on the roof talking to a very depressed and distressed gentleman who had cut himself quite severely and who was threatening to jump off the building.

I won’t go into details from this point but eventually I got him to sit down on the roof and accept help from the Fire Brigade and Ambulance Service. I’m sitting here writing this morning thinking how profound an experience in was to have a hand in this man’s mortality – there was a long moment on that roof where he was standing up and moving closer towards finality and if I had taken the decision to break eye contact to save myself the sight then maybe he would have jumped. All I know is I stayed calm, kept eye contact, kept on talking and eventually got him to sit down and to start thinking about what he was doing before he did it. So, really, fate moves in mysterious ways – it seems to me that fate was trying to show me I haven’t lost the edge from sitting in an office a lot of the time and that quite possibly I should try once more that which I know I’d be good at – the thought of walking away from my Royal Marines/Royal Navy application is getting stronger with each second that passes since this incident. I want to save lives and change them for the better, I don’t want to have to take them and sign away part of my soul…

I’m going back to the Late shift today and I’m going to reprise my Metropolitan Police application. I’m going to start seriously looking into Paramedic training once more to weigh up the cost factor and I’m going, once more, to write to every major metropolitan Fire Brigade in England to see if they are recruiting. After yesterday’s events it seems clear to me where my skills lie and the fields in which I would excel – as someone very close to me said “It just needs to happen and only you can determine and walk that path.”

So, on that note, I’m off to walk the path! Until the ‘morrow dear reader, I bid thee adieu.

Peace, Blessings & Long Life x


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