Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

40x25m freestyle (21:47)

10x25m combat swimmer stroke (untimed, no wall kicks)

3x25m partial underwater 1x25m underwater

Sauna: 20 minutes / Spa Pool: 10 minutes

*This post was written on 3rd April 2014*

Today was a good day! I woke up feeling chipper and in a great mood. I had a quick cup of coffee and then grabbed my swim bag before heading straight to the pool.

On arrival the pool was quiet and peaceful – I had a lane to myself for the entire time I was there which contributed to my overall enjoyment of the session. Originally I had intended to do 20 laps freestyle and then focus on breaststroke and underwater swimming as I have done for most of the year so far. Somewhere around lap 15 I changed my mind and decided to capitalise on the fact I had a lane to myself and went on to complete a kilometre which I don’t think I’ve done purely freestyle since February…this is clearly evidenced by the very slow time I put in for the distance! Usually I’d expect to be covering 40 laps between 18 and 20 minutes. I’m glad I went the distance though as it was thoroughly enjoyable and I won’t be neglecting freestyle any longer – my goal for the year was to be able to swim one lap entirely underwater and I achieved that pretty early on in January and can do it without too much trouble now so it’s time to focus on my fast freestyle between 1km and 1 mile and efficient breaststroke over thirty five minutes!

I’ve been suffering with some aches and pains around my shoulders and lower back since returning from Australia so the sauna, cold shower and the spa pool have been very welcome on the days I’ve had the chance to use them! I think if I can’t shift the discomfort by the end of this month I’ll go and visit my sports physio for a massage and some acupuncture as that usually does the trick. I’ve also decided to upgrade my sleeping arrangements so I ordered a double bed with memory foam mattress on Monday – it should be delivered on Thursday and will be a marked improvement on my narrow single that I’ve been sleeping on for almost four years! I can already hear my back, neck and shoulders thanking me for this development…

With that dear reader, I shall leave you for the day. Have a good one! 🙂

Peace Out x

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