Monday 31st March 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

9.01km 37:53 (Shires & Spires, session 9)

After yesterday’s abysmal run my level of trepidation before this run was akin to that of the morning of a race! I was nervous but focused and kept on repeating positive mantras as I was getting my gear together before hitting the road.

The temperature was perfect, a slight breeze, lovely sunset and a few other runners were out and about which made it easier to keep up the pace (keeping up appearances!). I started out much slower than yesterday which think helped I tried to maintain a constant pace of between 4:08 per km and 4:18 per km and, I’m happy to say, I managed that pretty well with only 1 of my 9 klicks being outside of the window (8km, average pace, 4:25) and a few of them coming under 4:08 which I’m not complaining about.

I think what helped today was my not running with my Salomon SkinLab pack – it was just watch, singlet, shorts, socks and shoes today and the difference was certainly noticeable. In effect, I left my baggage at home and ran the workout as I felt and not as I thought I should. This may just be psycho-babble and conjecture but I think the pack represents to me the fact my first ultramarathon is coming up and I’m feeling pretty woefully under prepared for it – I’m going to have to get over this before the end of April and get comfortable with the idea of running with a loaded ultra pack! …Challenge accepted!! 😀

One thing I’ve come away from both runs with is, yesterday chafing under my right arm and today chafing under my left arm! This, I believe, is down to my new Under Armour running singlet – I’m going to give it a few more test runs but if the chafing doesn’t disappear or gets worse then I’m going to have to retire it and look elsewhere.

Finally, I’ve decided to buy yet another pair of running shoes! My Inov8 Road X233 are great for shorter distance running and I’d probably run up to Half Marathon in them but I need something with a bit more protection for my longer runs…I’m looking towards New Balance and Asics this time around but I’m happy to listen to any suggestions you may have! Ideally I’m looking for a shoe that is predominantly for roads but could take in a dirt or gravel track once in a while if necessary. Watch this space, possibly for quite some time, as I’m very picky when it comes to my running shoes!

That’s it for today my dear reader. I hope you’ve had a happy Monday. Until the ‘morrow, adieu!

Peace & Blessings

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