Sunday March 30th 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

10.65km 48:15 (Shires & Spires, session 8)

Today’s run just goes to show that they can’t all be good! In fact, sometimes they can be downright nasty and demoralising like this one turned out to be.

Before I even hit 2km I was fighting a mental battle with myself;

‘You don’t even want to be out here, why didn’t you just go to the pool, this isn’t fun, when was the last time you enjoyed a run…etc.’

These thoughts and others like them did not abate for the entire time I was out on the road. Try as I might to meditate or think of races and training sessions past I just could not get over my demons today. Hopefully I’ll be able to turn today’s negative into tomorrow’s positive and use this to motivate me to run happier. I’m sitting here right now picking my brain trying to figure out when exactly I seemed to stop enjoying going out for a run – it’s somewhere between finishing the Pisa Marathon in December and getting home from my first run on 2014 of January 1st because I know I enjoyed both of those runs but not so much the ones in between or thereafter…

I kind of feel like Cougar in ‘Top Gun’ when he says to the Chief “I’m holding on too tight sir, I’ve lost the edge…”

Until the ‘morrow dear reader, happy weekend and adieu!

Peace Out x

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