Saturday March 29th 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

50x25m (untimed)

15x freestyle, 15x combat swimmer stroke, 10 x breaststroke, 6x partial underwater, 4x underwater

Sauna: 30 minutes

I woke up this morning after a wonderfully refreshing, and rare, eleven (11!) hours of unbroken sleep. I was feeling very spritely and almost as soon as I opened my eyes I’d decided to head straight to the pool. After a quick cup of coffee and a banana I was on my way!

I won’t bore you with the minuate but it was pretty busy in the pool! I still, however, managed a really good effort – my freestyle 15 was done at above race pace and, likewise, my breaststroke 10 were done at a hard pace. It was an exhilerating early morning swim and a great way to kick start my day before heading to work. I’d recommend it to anybody!

After my swim I hit the sauna like I usually would. It was baking in there this morning and I managed 30 minutes of quiet contemplation before lying back to do 15 leg lifts, 20 sit-ups and 20 dorsal raises – that certainly took it out of me and I gratefully jumped under the freezing blasts of the shower for two minutes afterwards. To round off my morning when I get home I did some dumbbell lifts using various techniques as I’m currently trying to build strength and condition in my upper body and arms – as such I’ve increased the weight in each hand from 6kg to 12kg until I feel I’ve reached my goal, after that I’ll drop back down to 6kg to maintain the definition!

For today, dear reader, that is all from me. I am currently on a Late shift and taking part of my allocated break to write this. When I get home (around 2245hrs) I plan to do a bit more dumbbell lifting and a plank before hitting the hay – tomorrow I’ve a day off and the weather forecast is suggesting it will be absolutely perfect weather for a long run! I can’t wait!!

Peace & Blessings

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