Monday 24th March 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

40x25m (untimed)

10 freestyle, 10 breaststroke, 10 combat swimmer stroke, 4 partial underwater, 6 underwater

Sauna: 45 minutes

Well, I’m back from Down Under – in fact, I’ve been back since about 1800hrs on Thursday 20th but I’ve taken some time out from working out to reflect on my time over there and to catch up with some people and acquaint myself with somebody new. Before I even left Australia I’d decided that it was totally for me – I loved the countryside, the people, Melbourne, the food and the lifestyle so I’m now pretty determined to get it together so I can emigrate before I’m 40. Watch out Australia, I’m coming for you! I’m currently working on a plan to return for a longer stay, possbily via Bali or somewhere, before heading off to train for the Royal Marines at some point later this year.

This morning I woke early and took Loki for a power hike before lifting some weights for a while. Whilst walking with the dog I got a phone call from the Navy letting me know I would need to attend a centre for psychometric testing in two weeks – it was the kick start I needed to put in an effort with the weights and in the pool! Tomorrow I’ll be heading out for a run before my first shift back at work after two weeks off but fortunately it’s a gentle reintroduction as I’m attending a clinical psychology and risk assessment training session – it’ll be good to see the team all in the same place for once as I’ve missed being around them whilst I’ve been away.

Today’s pool session was pretty good considering I haven’t been in for a couple of weeks (I only managed one ocean swim while I was down under). I was really please with the run of 6 full laps completely submerged back to back – they were my final effort and it’s the first time I’ve managed more than 2 back to back! My left shoulder is feeling a little tight and tender though so I think I may have pulled a muscle or strained my rotary cuff at some point, I’ll be keeping a close eye on that in subsequent pool sessions and I’m hoping it won’t make running too uncomfortable.

After my pool session I hit the sauna for 45 minutes and was glad to feel the heat – that’s one thing I’ve certainly missed since returning from Melbourne! I had a great circular breathing and meditation session in there and was interrupted by not one person – I feel that it was meant to be that way as when I decided to hit the road and head home three people entered the suite, two went straight to the sauna and the other went to the steam room. I enjoyed my meditation so much that I lit some incense on my return home, played the Kali mantra through my stereo and spent some time contemplating the dharma. Consequently I’m now feeling very relaxed and focused on the tasks that lie ahead in the coming months!

That’s it from me today dear reader, keep your eye out for a post relating to my time in Australia and if you want to see some pictures of my time away feel free to check the 26.2 and Beyond Facebook page, my Twitter feed or Instagram.

Peace & Blessings x

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