Monday 24th February 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

3.23km 12:46 (Shires & Spires Ultra, session 7a)

40 minute visit with my brother

6.56km 26.43 (Shires & Spires Ultra, session 7b)

After a lazy weekend trying to shake off some over-tiredness I knew that I needed to get out today or face being stuck in a rut! So, after my Early shift I headed straight for home and went to visit my Dad/walk the dog and at this point I was gearing myself up to go for a swim and sauna session.

After visiting with my Dad for an hour and a half I walked back home with my dog in some very refreshing, fairly heavy rain and at this point I decided I really, really fancied running in these conditions! I got in and straight away changed into my shorts and high-vis running shirt when I suddenly had an idea – I’d do a double run. Not only would I get in two workouts in the space of a few hours I would also get to visit my brother who I haven’t seen for quite a while and who I might not see before I go to Australia next week. It was on. The plan was set in motion and off I went on a fairly fast outing over 3.23km – during this particular workout I began to realise how much I miss doing my 1km repeats on dirt and on track and so made a late New Year resolution to get the track more often and to work on my speed like at least as frequently I used to…a good excuse to buy a new pair of spikes if you ask me 😀

I got to my bro’s and guzzled down some water and we chatted about nothing much in particular, as brothers do, for half hour or so. It was great to catch up and it was good to see him making some positive plans for the year ahead – one in particular being that he will be finally repairing his mountain bike so when I get back from Australia we can hit the trails together once more! I changed out of my wet and cold first workout set and into my Pisa Marathon tech-tee (fond memories!), bid my bro farewell and then set off again on a fairly quick workout.

I was aiming to run between 5 and 6km o the return leg – it turned out to be 560m farther than that but I wasn’t complaining. There were a few good fast flat stretches and a hill to finish off but I matched my original workout’s 3km time and then just missed out by tenths of a second on a 19:59 5km. All in all it was great to be out and about on the roads, in the rain and pushing hard. These two runs really did round off a pretty great day: a productive shift at work, family visits (particularly great to see my bro) and then finding an excuse to buy new track spikes and hit the track once more!

Not long to go until Australia…so I’m away to research something exciting to do. We’ve decided against trying to bag one of the summit of Mount Kosciuszko due to time contraints so I’ve turned my eye towards the possibility of sea kayaking…with dolphins!!

Peace & Blessings x

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