Tuesday 18th February 2014

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12.55km 60:00 (Shires & Spires Ultra, session 5)

Well, it was my intention to run from Canonbury to Camden Road Station after work today and I set off at a good clip. As I started to close in on my intended destination (around 6/6.5km) I decided I hadn’t run far enough and I was enjoying myself too much to stop there!

So, I ran on towards Kentish Town West Station and duly kept running on past there too – that didn’t feel far enough either!

A few klicks later I got to Hampstead Heath Station and decided to run through there to West Hampstead Station instead…then I got lost on the Heath with no GPS and had to retrace my route back to Hampstead Heath! This, dear reader, is why it took me 60 minutes (!?) to cover 12.55km. Usually I’d have expected to have covered 14 or 15 klicks in this time but I had to stop on a number of occasions to try and check my location and route on Google Maps. Unfortunately the signal was so poor that my hand was forced and I made the decision to head back towards my last solid destination and the train homewards.

It was still a good run though and now I’ve familiarised myself with another portion of London I’ll be more confident running that way next week after one of my Early shifts! In fact, this evening I’ve spent a lot of time looking at my A to Z map of London and comparing this with Google Maps – I’ve got some good waypoints logged in mind now which should help to avoid similar situations in future on this particular route 😀

Moral Of The Story: read and scan the map book before setting off on new routes in London!

Peace Out x

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