Sunday 16th February 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

6.01km 24:16 (Shires & Spires Ultra, session 4)


Workout Soundtrack: Black Sabbath – ‘The Best of…[Remastered]’

40x25m untimed (Combat Swimmer Stroke/Underwater swim/Finning)

Sauna: 20  minutes / Steam Room: 30 minutes

I made the most of my only day off this week! I got up early and went out for my run once I’d had a cup of coffee. A pretty decent run it turned out to be as well, four out of the six kilometres were under 4:00 so I’m on the up and up again. There’s not much to add about it really – I put the effort in and could have carried on for a greater distance but the pool was calling me. There is only a small window of opportunity at the pool on Sunday’s as from 1230hrs it’s closed for an hour for Lifeguard training and then after that it’s taken over by pool parties until 1700hrs and then the swim team until closing time.

I managed one fully submerged lap in the pool, most of my others requiring me to resurface for air once towards the end of the lap. Of the 40 laps I did about half were under water, ten were set aside for CSS and another ten to practice my finning technique (without fins for now) on my back – five of the ten ‘finning’ laps were completed half underwater and half on the surface. Why have I become so interested in underwater swimming, stealth swimming and efficient stroke swimming you may ask?

Well, on Saturday I finally decided the path I’m going to take this year by filling in my application form for service in Her Majesty’s Naval Service – my first choice is to be a Royal Marine Commando and my second to be a Royal Navy Mine Clearance Diver. My Dad will be posting the papers in just before I return from Australia at the end of March and I should, all being well, begin basic training sometime in September or October! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and the Royal Marines don’t recruit after the age of 32 years 364 days and as I’m turning 31 this year I figured I’d better give it a shot before the opportunity disappears forever. The training is one of the toughest regular force programmes in the world, lasting 32 weeks – most people take it on at a much younger age but I’m relishing the challenge! If it doesn’t work out for whatever reason, I’ll transfer over to the Royal Navy to take a shot at becoming a Mine Clearance Diver…

Anyway, now I’ve digressed and explained why my swim training has changed so much since the end of last year I shall wind up my post! I finished my day off by getting my mountain bike out as I so rarely do and took a short 2km ride to the pub for a few Guiness and to watch the rugby. A few pints later and I somehow managed to ride the 2km back home unscathed…even if I was maybe a little more unsteady than I was on the way there!

I hope the weekend has treated you as well as it has me dear reader! Until the next post, au revoir 🙂

Peace Out x

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