Friday 14th February 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

6.01km 25:42 (Shires & Spires Ultra, session 2)

I went to bed last night after watching the weather forecast and I knew it would be a race against time, a band of low pressure and ultimately a storm front to get out for a decent run this morning!

As I got out of bed and whilst making my pre-run coffee I could see the clouds moving in and building up and then the rain began to fall lightly. I put myself into gear and headed out of the door deciding before I left to run a short 6km route to avoid getting absolutely drenched and inviting chafe!

As my run progressed the wind began to pick up and the rain began to fall harder but try as I might I could not get my legs to turn over any quicker than they already were. It feels quite strange to be at the base building level once more having arrived at the start line of the Pisa Marathon back in mid-December in almost peak, racing fitness! With that said my first 3km got progressively quicker until I hit a slow, grinding hill just after the 4th klick when my average pace dropped from about 4:06 to 4:51 – it was a struggle to get back down to the low 4s after that and I think my last two kilometres averaged about 4:30 to 4:35. Still, I got home absolutely drenched and feeling the stinging cold of the wind on my thighs but happy nonetheless – it feels great to be back out there running again and my calf muscles are already beginning to do what is asked of them and this, I believe, is down to yesterday’s decision to wear recovery compression socks all day from about 1030hrs until 2230hrs!

That’s it for today, I beat the storm and got my run done and now I’m off to prepare for my Late shift!

Have a great Friday everybody!

Peace Out x

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