Thursday 13th February 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

9.01km 39:12 (Shires & Spires Ultra, session 1)

After I got back from my successful swim session last night I decided to lay out my running gear so that when I woke up this morning I would just throw it on and get out the door. This is my way of gently berating myself for being lazy on the running front this month! So, when I woke up I looked over and saw the gear all laid out and smiled – there was no resistance from my mind or body – I just got up, pulled on the gear and headed down the stairs for a quick coffee before hitting the road.

I’m currently carrying a bit of a cold which is making breathing during workouts a little laboured so I decided to take this run easy, also after my last run when I pushed it a little harder than maybe I was ready for my calf muscles ached for a couple of days. Well, I enjoyed this run immensely as the sun was shining, there was very little in the way of traffic both vehicular and pedestrian and the birds were singing along the whole route. It felt good to just be rolling along at a nice easily maintained pace and not pushing it too hard at all and with a few more of these under my belt I can begin to pick up the pace little by little until, hopefully, I’m at peak fitness for my first ultra on June 1st!

I mentioned my calf muscles feeling sore and tight after my run a few days ago and, unfortunately, I’m sitting here typing this now with the same sensation. Not cool. They feel like they used to when I first started running distances past the 10km mark which is odd because that was a long, long time ago. I’m not too bothered really though, I know it’ll pass and it’s just the muscles getting used to running again after having some down time and predominately being used in the pool throughout most of December and January and so far into February! It’s time to get my mind focused again – the pool is not my natural habitat nor the realm in which my running goals will be achieved. I’ve recovered from my various injuries that kept me off the roads and trails and I need to get back into the mindset that I am a runner, I run, that is what I do, LET’S DO THIS!

So that’s how it’s going to be. Time to lace up, run and reduce my pool time a little!

On that note my dear reader I shall leave you for the day. Have a champion Thursday, enjoy your workout, enjoy your work and enjoy your downtime 🙂

Peace & Blessings x

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