Wednesday 12th February 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Bolt Thrower – ‘Those Once Loyal’

22x25m untimed (Combat Swimmer Stroke)

Sauna: 20  minutes / Steam Room: 20 minutes

I was toying with the idea of a run when I got back from work but England is currently being battered by pretty strong winds and I didn’t much feel like being hit by a roof tile!

So off I went to the pool! I seem to have given up on freestyle/front crawl swimming since discovering the combat swimmer stroke – I find it much more relaxing, although still a challenge, and a lot less boring. In between laps I have now started to work on underwater drills such as lying on the bottom of the pool and gently rising with my air bubbles, treading water whilst holding my breath and swimming sidewards and backwards in short bursts – it’s like I’ve discovered a whole new world under there! Along with the aforementioned drills I also do some breathing exercises (not submerged) – particularly deep, slow breathing followed by four or five hyperventilated breaths before heading off down (or up) the pool under the surface.

Today it seems that I have found the right technique that enables me to swim quickly, efficiently and totally submerged for 25m! Out of the blue, on lap 13, I found myself feeling very relaxed under the water where I would normally surface for a quick breath. Instead I just carried on and made it all the way to the top end of the pool without surfacing at all and it was an amazing feeling – like breaking a running or swimming PR! I surfaced unhurriedly and without gasping for air, composed myself and then stood at the wall smiling for a minute or so. From lap 13 onwards I was extending my range under the water. I’m not currently able to put together back to back underwater laps but I’m managing to do most of them on two breaths – the first and the one around the 15 or 20m mark before fully submerging once more.

On my final lap I cleared my mind of all thoughts, hyperventilated after lying on the bottom of the pool for quite a while and then set off intending to get one last 25m underwater lap in before hitting the sauna…I wanted to prove the first time wasn’t a fluke and that is exactly what I did! This set me up for a great sauna and steam room session as I always enjoy them more when I feel I’ve accomplished something in the pool beforehand. The plan is to keep on with 25m underwater laps and to gently begin extending the range over the next few months – I’m excited to see how far I can go!

With that, I bid you all farewell for today. I hope Wednesday has treated you well 🙂 Until the ‘morrow, adieu.

Peace Out x


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