Sunday 9th February 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Systematic Session Podcast – ‘Namito – #238’

22x25m untimed (Combat Swimmer Stroke)

Sauna: 20  minutes / Steam Room: 20 minutes

“One thing is for certain I will, come Hell or high water, go for a short and gentle run on the ‘morrow because my body needs to get used to the idea, again, that what it was made for was to run!”

The above sentence is how I ended yesterday’s post. Well, the gates of Hell are still closed, there is a lot of high water and flooding all around England but not on my usual road running routes…but, I still decided not to go for a run! I can feel that my calf muscles are getting a little better and a little less sore but I don’t see the point of pushing myself into potential injury territory – my next race isn’t until June 1st so base building doesn’t really need to start until mid to late February which gives me plenty of time.

So, with mitigation now written out (and half believed by myself) I shall tell you about the horrors of going swimming on a Sunday morning. Actually, no I won’t, I always tell you guys about the horrors of swimming in pools that have far too many people in them with no idea about lane discipline, stroke discipline or in some cases even an idea that the pool is actually for swimming – not gossiping! Clearly, I did not swim as many laps as I would have liked today but I still swam the ones I did hard and with plenty of effort so it wasn’t all lost.

I only spent twenty minutes in the sauna as that too was crowded with people gossiping – it was nice and hot though but the jabbering was just too much for my brain to handle so I went off to the steam room which, oddly, had one person in there sitting in the corner and minding his own business. I gratefully took this opportunity for twenty minutes of quiet reflection before jumping under the cold shower for two minutes and then heading home to spend time with Loki, my soon to be former dog.

Yup, Loki will be conveyed to a new family on the ‘morrow and it’s going to be one of the saddest days of my life and the culmination of one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. I know he’ll be great though as Loki will be moving to the Isle of Wight to live with a dog friendly and loving family. He’ll be in the company of two kids aged 8 and 11 who he’s going to love cuddling with and two Weimaraners aged 18 months and 11 years who he’s going to love playing with. He’s also going to have free range of a well fenced 20 acre farm yard which is going to make his life that much better!

On that sort of sad note I’m going to disappear for the day to walk Loki and feed him as many treats as he can handle!

Peace & Blessings

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